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PreBill - Claim Manager

PreBill - Claim Manager

Revenue cycle professionals will appreciate the level of functionality and features in PreBill Claim Manager and editor.  PreBill Claim Manager includes both HIPAA compliant UB04 and current 837 ANSI X12 formats. By identifying all claim errors and creating claim corrections before the claim is sent to payers billing teams are available for other strategic projects.

Increase percentage of clean claims and acceptance claim rates. See immediate increase in cash flow with a significant reduction in accounts receivable days.

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Key features:
  • Workflow lists that staff finds easy to use.
  • Dashboard view of all claims and wide range of standard reporting, drilling down to the smallest level of detail.
  • Standard reports include:
    • Prioritizes managing claim data with high dollar or aged claims for timely resolution
    • Prioritizes claim data at the HCPCS or charge level, with secondary sorts of high dollar or aged claims
    • All reports easily interface to Excel with one click
  • Post all billing comments, adjustments, & remarks to ANY host system, automatically
  • Upstream errored claims
  • Rebill 1 claim or in groups, as errors are identified
  • View & build your own edits, or have Cirius build them for you
  • Accurate and comprehensive all payer claim edits and updates
  • Edits referenced with originating payer source
  • Claim Transmission services performed daily by Cirius
  • Transmit claims directly to pavers with no clearinghouses
  • Daily Claim management operations available giving clients accountability and control
  • And MORE......
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