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PreBill 1500 - Electronic Secondary Billing

Revenue cycle professional groups and clinics will appreciate the level of detail found in this Medicare secondary bill automated solution. Accelerate secondary medigap insurance payments by generating electronic bills on the date Medicare notifies provider of payment NOT the date ERA is received in offices.

Increase clean bill status for secondary bills, first pass payment rate of bills and see immediate increase in cash flow with and a reduction in accounts receivable days.

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Key features:
  • Generate electronic secondary bills and payment data automatically after posting Medicare payment
  • Generate electronic secondary bills one by one or as a batch to Medigap insurance companies
  • For those payers who do not receive electronic bills-Batch print bills with payment data and corresponding Medicare Explanation of Benefit (EOMB)
  • Anytime for any reason, print or reprint Medicare bills with payment data and corresponding Medicare Explanation of Benefit (EOMB)
  • Standard Secondary and Tertiary Billing edits maintained, delivered and updated by Cirius
  • Ability to customize bill and payer edits decreasing denied payments
  • Automate payment data on all Medicare secondary bills for known medigap insurances
  • Automatically post all billing comments
  • Eliminate paper payer correspondence or informational requests
  • Easily integrates with other software solutions
  • User friendly
  • Customizable if desired.
  • On your desktop-everyone can view with user-specific security & privacy
  • And MORE……
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