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PreBill 1500 - Claim Manager

Revenue cycle professional groups and clinics will appreciate the level of content and detail found in PreBill professional group 1500 bill manager and editor. By identifying all bill errors and creating bill corrections before the bill is sent to payers the business office staff is available for other strategic projects.

See immediate increase in cash flow with and a reduction in accounts receivable days. Increase clean bill status, first pass payment rate of bills.

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Key features:
  • Productivity Billing Manager that provides daily billing workflow lists and reports on bill and staff production with one click.
  • Dashboard view of all bills and wide range reporting, drilling down to the smallest level of detail
  • Prioritizes bills managing high dollar or aged bills for timely resolution
  • Prioritize bill data at the HCPC or Charge level, with secondary sorts of high dollar or aged bills
  • Alerts billers to HCPC or CPT code errors, wrong codes or mismatched codes-included compliant CMS bill coding and charging requirements
  • All activity electronically updated with billing comments, adjustments, remarks, standard and customization available
  • Compliant current ANSI X12 837 professional format
  • Offers fully comprehensive Medicare Part B CCI, OCE, LCDs and NCD rules, policies and edits
  • Ability to create ‘on the spot’ payer or provider custom edits, or contact Cirius and we will perform edit functions with a 48 hour turnaround
  • Print professional bills either in use or old paid and archived bills, anytime
  • On your desktop-everyone can view worklists, or is defined by provider security rules
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