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Physician Groups

Physician Groups face enormous challenges. These can include the capital to afford malpractice insurance and office rents, equipment and human talent.

As veterans in the healthcare market, Cirius Group, Inc. believes that the most critical of all challenges are in fact these:

  • Third-party payers that continue to reduce reimbursements and change their already complex payment rules;
  • Ever-changing government regulations and code management that increase your liability; and
  • Workforce solutions to help you improve revenue cycle management and cash flow

Your Goals

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We understand your Goals: Continual Improvement & Quality -- and we want to help you get back to your patients. If you or your group has set cost-saving goals through economies of scale and have not realized them- you need a knowledgeable partner to help you get there. Visit our client solutions, client models and impressive client testimonials.

One of the biggest obstacles is lack of data. Well you can now manage billing code changes, track your staff’s time, measure data quality and reimbursement outcomes, without chasing Medicare, Medicaid reimbursements, and feeding data back to member physicians. Medical necessity checks prior to claim submissions are critical in today’s healthcare market place in meeting regulatory compliance changing requirements and the ability to maintain quality patient billing in safely maintaining the long term longevity of the physician practice.

Our Solutions

We understand that your staff might not have the expertise, time or resources to help you solve these complex problems. Cirius Group, Inc. has already helped hundreds of healthcare providers throughout the country with just these issues, and we can help you too.




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