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Hospitals and Health Systems

Hospitals are in the business of making a difference in people’s lives. And while financial executives are faced with making profits so that they are able to provide the kinds of services that the community and public at large expect; they are also expected to serve members of the community that cannot pay for services.

The many obstacles you face:
  • Cost pressures from public and private payers,
  • Increasing care of the uninsured; and
  • Balancing teaching and research with the delivery of patient care.

Patient care and the financial difficulties have soared the last few years. And we are aware that hospitals are struggling to find the human resources to meet these growing demands.

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How We Can Help

Cirius Group, Inc. has dedicated its business to helping financial executives like you to address these complex challenges in a real, day-to-day way.  Cirius Group, Inc. develops solutions to meet your financial challenges.

  • Leveraging intelligent software technologies to create cost savings, track your claims, streamline reimbursement processes and expedite revenue you are entitled to; and
  • Solutions to help you manage the allocation of resources so you can utilize more of your human talent for patient care; and
  • Providing you with solutions that will help you to realize cost-savings; and
  • Creating efficiencies so you can invest in the medical technology you need to provide quality healthcare.

 Medicare is either paying less than hospital costs or barely covering hospital costs.

Medicaid has always paid hospitals less than the cost of care — expecting that hospitals would make up those losses from other payers.

Cirius Group, Inc. is very aware of the complex regulatory environment and manages those processes for you.  We provide you with comprehensive solutions so that your teams can go back to the business of providing patient care.






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