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Cirius Testimonials

Client Testimonials

All our clients are more than happy to discuss their experiences with our products.

"Having a system flexible enough to build your own edits is key... everyone's charge description master (CDM) is different and PreBill allows you to manipulate standardized charge data to meet the adjudication requirements of payers while simultaneously providing an audit trail or crosswalk back to the original services represented in the medical record."

Mike Tinal
Director, Patient Accounting
Northcrest Medical Center
Springfield, TN

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"This system is so effective that close to 50% of the billing staff has been reallocated and production quality has significantly increased; over 99% of claims are accepted on first submission and denials are less than 2% across all payers - the claims are extremely clean of errors."

Director, PFS
University of Pittsburg Health System
Pittsburgh, PA

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"The first time we submitted to Medicare we got paid over $5 Million... It has been AMAZING! At the time, we were averaging closer to $3M. PreBill has been FANTASTIC! We used to have trouble keeping up with our T-Status work list at Medicare and now it is virtually non-existent."

Terri Manifesto
Director, Patient Accounting
Mills-Peninsula Hospitals
Burlingame, CA

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"We have been, and remain, very pleased with what your product has allowed us to accomplish... it has been a very good fit in our organization."

Vice President, Patient Business Services
University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
Madison, WI

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