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Case Studies

Case Studies

Good managers take their fiduciary responsibilities to heart. They are continually looking for ways to improve business productivity.  It is this ‘can-do’ spirit, from line staff, up to Chief Executive Officers, which is the common thread that binds together all Cirius Group, Inc. customers, large and small. REQUEST FULL CASE STUDIES HERE….

Case Study Briefs:

Interview of Sue Carlson, Executive Director of Revenue Cycle at PIH
Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital (PIH)

Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital (PIH) is a 500-plus bed acute care, non-profit hospital which was founded in 1959 with the community’s trust and support— values retained today by maintaining the highest standards in medical services, in turn making them the area’s acknowledged leading healthcare center. Through commitment to outstanding patient care, respect and compassion for all, responsiveness, integrity, collaboration, innovation, and stewardship, the PIH team is devoted to serving the needs of its community. PIH’s healthcare team is comprised of a stellar clinical staff of almost 600 board-certified physicians representing a broad range of medical specialties, highly qualified nurses, and other exemplary staff.

Q: What prompted you to make a change in the PIH Revenue Cycle operations in 2010?
A: PIH - Vendor A was putting very little into development of their Claim Management System. When I voiced concerns, Vendor A tried to get PIH to look at another “better” system that they owned. If I was looking, I was going to look at all options. Quite frankly Cirius’ reputation preceded them and they immediately became one of the four vendors to evaluate. We could not create our own edits. It took weeks to months to get . . .

CASH FLOW increases by $2 Million per month
Methodist Hospital of Southern California

MHSC in Arcadia, CA was established on a foundation of clinical excellence, award-winning service and a passion for their community. Methodist Hospital is a 460-bed, acute care hospital in the LA County area, with an overflowing Emergency Department.

Methodist was having difficulty effectively managing claim volumes, time spent on manual efforts and meeting payer billing requirements. The claim scrubber in place was not meeting their needs.
Daily system challenges
They required a claim management and editing system that supplied them with the technology to control payer edits and have the capability to auto-correct claims with ease by the user. Payer acceptance requirements were changing with lightening speed and they needed technology with responsive customer support and that would provide updated regulatory changes, such as CCI,
1. Users could only view 4 lines of patient bill encounter data at a time.
2. No capability to reprint a bill......“We needed this system, yesterday!"

Clean Claim Rate increased 50% to 90%
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City, Iowa

UIHC, a patient-focused, academic medical center, is committed to providing world-class health care to every person. The partnership between University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics (UIHC) and Cirius Group began in 2006 with the Cirius Revenue Cycle. REQUEST FULL CASE STUDY HERE….

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